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Mariana Trench - Deepest part of the world’s ocean

Some of the life found in Mariana Trench

1)Fanfin Seadevil
From the Angler-Fish family. It fuses with the female during mating and uses her blood-stream.

2)Frilled Shark
Often linked to the mythical sea-serpent, this 300 trident-shaped teeth monster, can grow upto six feet. It also takes like 3 1/2 years to give birth.

Largest teeth of any fish in the ocean but don’t worry, it’s like six inches long.

4)Barbeled Dragon Fish
It’s also about six inches long. It can produce its own light and the walls of its stomach are pitch black so no light can be seen through it.

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American Gothic with its Models (1942) Nan Wood Graham

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American Gothic with its Models (1942) Nan Wood Graham

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Achrioptera fallax (x)

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The Mata Mata Turtle

Found mostly in South America. Its shell resembles bark, and its head resembles fallen leaves, making it an expernt at camouflage. It is also an expert at looking like my nightmares.

That’s not a turtle, it is an elder dragon. Respect it or all will suffer.

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Rare Albino Whale Spotted


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An orphaned juvenile squirrel is fed a cherry in New Delhi. The squirrel was rescued from a tree which fell during a recent thunderstorm in the city. Picture: Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images

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